Fun Places in Abeokuta You Didn’t Know About



It’s not just Lagos and Abuja – Abeokuta also has a myriad of fun places to visit and interesting things to do with friends, family and kids.

A bit about Abeokuta

The capital of Ogun State, the name “Abeokuta” means “under the rock,” which is derived from the city’s famous attraction, the famous Olumo Rock. This monument is so old that I first heard of it as far back as when I was in Elementary School.

The city was a significant center during the 19th-century Yoruba wars and played a vital role in the fight against British colonialism.

Abeokuta is known for its unique architecture, with both traditional Yoruba houses and modern buildings coexisting. Ever wonder where the famous “Adire” native wear originated from? Well, now you know.

Tourism in Abeokuta centers around attractions like Olumo Rock, which offers panoramic views of the city, and the Alake’s Palace, the residence of the Alake (king) of Egbaland. If these kinds of places sound like fun to you, then you’ve found a home in Abeokuta.

My personal opinion of the city

Fun places to visit in Abeokuta

About 4 years ago, before I had any inklings towards the travel industry in Nigeria, I had the opportunity of visiting Abeokuta to attend a wedding my sister invited me to.

As someone who has lived in Lagos for almost all my life, I couldn’t help but notice the sharp contrast between the bustling, noisy and energetic streets of Lagos versus how calm, clean and quiet ABK was.

But hey, if your vibe is calm and relaxing atmosphere, then Abeokuta could be a fun place for you.

Fun places to visit in Abeokuta Ogun State

You can explore the historic Olumo Rock, visit the Alake’s Palace and discover the fascinating Adire market. Don’t miss the Centenary Hall and the African Heritage Research Library and Cultural Centre. There is so much to explore within the rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality Abeokuta has to offer!

Without further delay, here are the most fun places you can visit the next time you plan to take a trip to Abeokuta:

#1. Olumo Rock is a fun place to visit in Abeokuta

Fun places in Abeokuta

This iconic natural landmark is a must-visit. You can climb the rock to enjoy breathtaking views of the city and learn about its historical significance. Above all other Tourist attractions in the city, this is probably the most visited.

It is a massive granite formation that rises about 137 meters above sea level. It’s important for Tourists to know that this historical site is not only an impressive natural wonder but also holds significant cultural importance as it served as a fortress and refuge during inter-tribal wars in the past.

#2. Pay your respects at the Alake’s Palace

Explore the grandeur of the Alake of Egbaland’s palace, which showcases traditional Yoruba architecture and cultural artifacts.

Personally this isn’t really my vibe because the excess traditionalism puts me off, however, if you see these type of atteactions as fun places in Abeokuta to hangout at, then by all means, catch some cruise!

#3. Visit Adire Market

Get immersed in the vibrant colors and patterns of the traditional Adire fabric at the local market and shop for unique textiles.

Abeokuta is renowned for its vibrant Adire market, where you can find a wide array of Adire fabric and products. Adire is a traditional tie-dye fabric art that has deep cultural roots in Nigeria.

At the market, you’ll encounter various Adire designs, colors, and patterns created by local artisans using traditional techniques. It’s a great place to purchase unique and authentic souvenirs or clothing items that showcase the rich Nigerian heritage and craftsmanship.

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#4. Visit African Heritage Research Library and Cultural Centre

Discover a treasure trove of African literature, art, and history in this cultural center. experience a venue for cultural events, exhibitions, and performances that offer insights into Nigeria’s rich heritage.

#5. See the Olusegun Obasanjo Presidential Library

It’s common knowledge among Nigerians that former President Olusegun Obasanjo not only hails from ABK but also lives there. This library and museum complex offers a glimpse into the life and presidency of Nigeria’s former president, Olusegun Obasanjo.

It serves as a repository of his personal documents, records, and artifacts, offering insights into his political career and contributions to Nigeria’s history. The library also provides various educational and cultural programs for visitors to learn about Nigerian history and governance.

#6. See the Centenary Hall

A popular spot for events, concerts, and gatherings, showcasing the city’s vibrant social life, the Centenary Hall in Abeokuta was built to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the city. It serves as a multipurpose event center for various cultural, social, and educational activities in the city.

#7. Kemta-Itoku Market

Experience the local shopping scene and find a wide range of traditional crafts, artworks, and souvenirs.

Kemta-Itoku Market is a prominent market located in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria. It is one of the largest and busiest markets in the city and is known for its vibrant trade in various goods, including traditional textiles, fabrics, clothing, crafts, and other household items.

The market is particularly famous for its “Adire” fabric, which are hand-dyed using various resist dyeing techniques, creating unique and colorful patterns.

Kemta-Itoku Market attracts both local residents and tourists who are interested in purchasing traditional Nigerian textiles and experiencing the lively atmosphere of a bustling market. It’s a significant cultural and economic hub in the region.

#8. Green Legacy Resort in Abeokuta is a fun place to visit

Relax and unwind in this serene resort with beautiful gardens, swimming pools, and recreational facilities.

#9. Hilltop Golf Resort

Fun places in Abeokuta

Golf enthusiasts can enjoy a round of golf in a scenic setting overlooking the city. If you consider this destination as one of the most fun places and things to do in Abeokuta, then you might want to check out our Tour package to Lakowe Lakes & Golf resort in Lagos.

Conclusion on fun places in Abeokuta

In recent years, Abeokuta has experienced development and urbanization, attracting both domestic and international Tourists seeking to explore its history, culture, and natural beauty.

If you ever find yourself in this ancient city, tag us in your pictures on Instagram.