Lagos To Ibadan Train Booking

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Lagos To Ibadan Train Ticket Booking

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Booking cheap Train tickets online from the bustling city of Lagos to the calm and reserved city of Ibadan through the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) has never been easier! Whether you want to buy a train ticket or check train schedules, you can now login to the NRC portal or use a travel booking website like Travelrichee to book your Train ride.

Things to know before you book a Train Ticket from Lagos

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  • Route
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Ensure you have the necessary identification documents ready like a government-issued ID such as your NIN Slip, Divers License, Voters Card or Passport before you book so as to avoid any complications.

Make sure you’ve done your research to know the specific train route you need to take and the schedule, including departure and arrival times.

Check the availability of tickets for your preferred travel date and time. Trains, especially departing from Lagos can get crowded, so booking in advance is essential. Familiarize yourself with the booking process, whether it’s done online, at a station counter, or through an authorized Travel agent.

How to book Train Ticket from Lagos to Ibadan with TravelRichee

Begin by visiting the official website of the Nigerian Railway Corporation to begin online train ticket booking. If required, you may need to create an account on the NRC website. Login and enter the details of your journey, setting your departure as Lagos and your arrival as Ibadan as well as the number of passengers. Browse through the available train options and classes and select the train and class that suits your preferences and needs. Provide accurate passenger information for all individuals traveling including names, ages, and identification details.

Safety tips when booking train from Lagos

Follow the below saftey instructions when reserving your ticket from the Lagos train station to keep your belongings, ticket and life safe and secure on your journey:

  • Use reputable booking platforms to ensure secure transactions.
  • Double-check the train schedule and route to avoid confusion.
  • Provide accurate passenger information during booking.
  • Keep booking confirmation details for reference.
  • Be cautious of fraudulent websites and only use official train services.
  • Choose well-lit and busy areas when collecting tickets or waiting for your train.
  • Verify the train’s departure platform and arrival station.
  • Make sure you arrive early to allow time for security checks and boarding.
  • Keep personal belongings secure during the journey.
  • Familiarize yourself with emergency procedures, numbers and exits on the train.
  • Lastly, if all else fails, hold ransom money in the unfortunate event of kidnapping.


Q1. How much is train from Lagos to Ibadan?

The cost for first-class train tickets is ₦9000, applicable to both children and adults. Standard tickets are ₦3000 for children and ₦3600 for adults.

Q2. What time is Ibadan to Lagos train?

The train departs as early as 8am and reaches its destination by past 10am. However, if you depart by 2pm, you should be reaching Ibadan by 4pm.

Q3. Where is Lagos to Ibadan train station located?

The train station is located at Lagos Terminus, Murtala Muhammed, Lagos Mainland.

Q4. How to buy train ticket from Lagos to Ibadan?

To buy train tickets, simply scroll to the top of thus page where the booking form is. Enter your departure and arrival details and any other information required then hit the book button.

Q5. lagos to ibadan train schedule

The train schedule from Lagos to Ibadan and vice versa is as follows:

IBD – LAG09:45am11:53am
IBD – LAG03:30pm05:38pm
LAG – IBD08:00am10:17am
LAG – IBD02:00pm04:07pm

Q6. How long is lagos to ibadan by train?

How many hours would it take? The train ride would take approximately 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Q7. What is the name of the train station in Lagos?

The name of the train station in Lagos is called Lagos Terminus or Lagos Iddo as it’s also called.

Q8. IS there free train from Lagos to Ibadan?

There used to be free train tickets before but it was just for a limited time. The Lagos State government in 2023 had announced that the Lagos to Ibadan route as well as other routes would be subsidized or free between December 21st to January 4th.