I Went Paintballing In Lagos & It Was Scary AF!



This was my first (and hopefully not the last) experience paintballing in Lagos…and the say it was scary is an understatement!

Leisure Sports Paintballing in lagos (Lekki)

How it started

Around 2018, I got the chance to experience a battleground-styled Paintball showdown that doubled as a sort of mini University reunion – I would meet up with Bobby and Paularo 3 years after leaving Caleb University.

Probably the first scary thing you find out about playing this sport at LSP is the fact that they require you to sign a one sheet document that means you agree that if you sustain any injury (like getting one of your eyeballs shot by a pellet for example), LSP wouldn’t be held liable. In my head, this was basically initiation process; a prelude for what to expect going forward. This was going to be Call of Duty in real life!

Back then, participation fee was N3,500 and you got 50 pellets – a far cry from what’s obtainable in 2023 thanks to currency devaluation.

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It got serious real quick

From the moment I stepped into the arena, got orders from my platoon leader and got to hiding, my heart began to race and sweat clogged up my helmet visor. This felt too real! I could feel pellets swish past me like live bullets in a real life battle field. I don’t think I made it to 5 mins in the Arena before some expert level shooter on the opposing team ran past me and opened fire.

I was hiding behind a stack of tires. The pellet went right through the middle and splattered yellow all over my visor. I couldn’t see in front of me.

Regardless of the fact that that was basically a clean headshot that automatically meant I was ‘dead” and out of the game, I remember I didn’t wait to be told; I just strutted out of the arena in awe of how real the entire thing had been.

As I happily handed by Paintball gun to my colleague to use up my remaining pellets, a small girl (maybe 7 or 9 years old) who had been accompanied by her mum was also being ushered out of the arena in tears after being shot.

Until you actually get in the arena yourself, you won’t realize how painful those pellets can be. Now I see why they made us sign that waiver….

So what’s the best place to go paintballing in Lagos

Leisure Sports Park is the best place to play Paintball in Lagos. I can say this based on personal experience and not just from reading something some blogger wrote. Some arenas are indoors which doesn’t really do justice to the game. LSP is a fully outdoor experience that gives you the sense that you’re on a real life battlefield – its as real as it gets!

Things to know before Paintballing in Lagos

In case this is your first time in the Arena, I have some important tips you should keep in mind before you engage in any paintball activity in Lagos:

  1. Always wear safety gear: this goes without saying but if you want to avoid loosing your eye in the arena, or sustaining a minor flesh wound, then you really should go in fully kitted to the teeth. Even your hands should be gloved up. I remember getting shot in the hand and I could see blood the size of a needle prick.
  2. Never stay in one place: Once inside Battle Royale mode in the arena, its not advisable to hide for long behind a shield. First reason is you won’t get to really enjoy the thrill that comes with paintballing. Second reason is you’ll make yourself a sitting duck for those expert level players who like to zip around looking for prey to pellet.
  3. Remember to enjoy yourself: Regardless of how real a scenario might look, remember to have fun with it. Its not a big deal if you get pelleted. Some people try to argue when they’ve been shot in order to stay in the game but it’s not as big a deal.