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Overland Airways Booking

About Overland Airways

Overland Airways is a Nigerian carrier well known for its cheap air fares and extensive flight network. They operate modern aircrafts with a strong emphasis on safety and offer easy booking options, a mouth-watering loyalty rewards program and various in-flight services for passengers.

Why fly with Overland Airways

  • Price
  • Loyalty
  • Network

Overland Airways is recognized for offering competitive fares to its passengers, making air travel more affordable for a wide range of travelers. Here’s more information about their competitive fare offerings:

They aim to make air travel accessible to a broader audience by offering fares that are often more budget-friendly compared to other airlines operating similar routes. Passengers can expect good value for their money when booking with Overland Airways.

Passengers can accumulate loyalty points by flying with Overland Airways regularly. These points are typically based on the distance traveled and the fare class booked. Accumulated loyalty points can be redeemed for rewards, which may include free flights, cabin upgrades, or other travel-related perks. This is similar to the Waka Points Loyalty Program by Wakanow.

Overland Airways operate flights within Nigeria, connecting major cities and regional airports. These routes typically included destinations like Lagos, Abuja, Akure, Ibadan, Ilorin, and more. The airline also extended its services to select destinations in neighboring West African countries, such as Benin Republic and Ghana.

In addition to scheduled flights, Overland Airways offer charter services, allowing passengers to book flights to destinations not regularly served by the airline. This flexibility was especially useful for corporate clients and special events.

How Overland booking works

To book cheap flights on Overland Air, first make up your mind on your travel dates, destinations, and what airlines you wish to use. Input all this information on our travel booking engine. Next, choose your departure and return flight dates. Once you’ve chosen your flights, proceed to the booking page where you can enter your payment details.

Overland Airways ticket booking

Fleet size

The airline company operates 6 Aircrafts with cabins boasting of executive configuration with unique features such as ample leg-room‚ luxurious cabin interiors and comfortable seats, including an all window seats in their B1900D aircraft models. The fleet currently includes:

  1. 2 B1900D planes
  2. 2 ATR42-320 planes
  3. 1 ATR 42-300
  4. 1 ATR 72-202

Luggage Policy

Cabin Luggage: Passengers are allowed to carry one piece of cabin luggage and one personal item (like a purse or laptop bag) into the cabin.

Checked Luggage: Overland Airways provides a free checked luggage allowance for each passenger, and the allowance may vary based on the fare class and route. This allowance usually includes one or more checked bags, and each bag’s weight limit is specified.

Excess Baggage: If you exceed the allowed baggage weight or the number of checked bags, you may incur excess baggage fees. These fees can vary and are typically charged per kilogram or per additional bag.


  1. Lagos
  2. Abuja
  3. Akure
  4. Ibadan
  5. Ilorin
  6. Jalingo
  7. Asaba
  8. Dutse
  9. Bauchi
  10. Minna
  11. Kano
  12. Lokoja
  13. Ilorin
  14. Ikom
  15. Cotonou (Benin)


To check in for your flight with Overland Airways, use any of the following methods:

Airport Check-In: You can check in for your Overland Airways flight at the airport counter. Make sure to arrive at the airport well in advance of your flight’s departure time, as check-in counters often close a certain amount of time before the flight.

Online Check-In: This method allows you to check in for your flight and obtain your boarding pass via our official website or travel booking mobile app. Online check-in is usually available 24 to 48 hours before your flight’s departure time.

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